Fulfillment & Warehousing

Streamlined ecommerce fulfillment and warehousing

Northlux Logistics develops local and international full service e-commerce solutions for companies in the online and store based retail sectors. With our full service proposal we support and advise you with the management of your entire supply chain. We ensure that all the processes in the fulfilment chain, from your online store through payment management and warehousing to returns management, are perfectly tailored to the exact requirements of your business – either with our complete service package or with complementary partial solutions. We work hand in hand with you to develop a modular full service concept.

Warehousing Services

Northlux Logistics operates high-performance logistics centres for small and large-volume items

It can organise your entire product flow for you. Whether the warehouse processes involve a high level of automation or are geared to meet specific warehousing needs: we put together a package that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. In this way we can easily cope with the kind of peak periods that occur at Christmas or at the start of a fashion season.

Each and every step of our warehousing processes is highly efficient: from goods receipts through quality control to picking, we look after your goods to be ready for when your customers place their orders for the latest retail trends throughout Europe and the rest of the world

Returns Management

Management of customer-returned items and re-porcessing of item back into stock

Returns are an integral part of any distance selling business operation. It is impossible to avoid them altogether, but they can be kept to a minimum by ensuring that all processes are professionally managed. Northlux Logistics can advise you on how to reduce the amount of returns your business has to deal with. It can also manage your entire returns process. We handle the rest, Fast, efficient and with the highest quality.

  • Design and implementation of returns management concepts
  • Processing of small and large-volume items
  • Automatic capture of data, including the reason for the return
  • Inspection of incoming returns
  • Assessments (e.g. of textiles, electrical appliances) according to individually determined criteria
  • Repacking in the original packaging
  • Quick return to the picking warehouse, if necessary recycling/disposal


Through our network of nationwide partnerships, dedicated logistics staff, we are able to provide complete transportation management services to our customers. When it comes to LTL Freight, TL or Freight Brokerage, whether it’s simple routing or complex total freight management, we have the tools and expertise to provide exceptional value to your organization.

Let us organize and worry about the logistics of distribution while you save your company time and money. A few of our value-add services include Freight Forwarding, Shipment Routing, Appointments, Assembly and Distribution and Reporting

To discuss your specific queries email us at saifon@northlux.co.th


Northlux Logistics offers customs clearance and final delivery services to every nation in the world. A well designed customs clearance program reduces cycle time, improves shipment visibility, and lowers cost. The knowledgeable professionals of Northlux Logistics provide timely and reliable management of your shipment as it reaches customs. Northlux Logistics offers clearance in a consistent, timely, and cost-effective manner by acting as a direct extension of your business.

Northlux Logistics operates individual service programs, and takes full responsibility in providing correct and well-prepared documentation. Our tested methodology avoids expensive and time-consuming delays. Today, a host of bilateral and multinational trade agreements provide ample opportunity to minimize import duties. Northlux Logistics team understands and tracks the most advantageous ports and national customs requirements. The result is a critical edge in expedited customs clearance and delivery of goods. Get in touch with us today!

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