NORTHLUX, creates your equation for growth whether you need to establish or expand your footprint in the local industry. Northlux’s team of experts in the Defence industry have experience of consulting projects for clients, ranging from telecommunication, aeronautics, combat systems to alternative energy.

NORTHLUX’S vast perception of services help you plan your growth by providing the best choices for technology and approach to accomplishment. Northlux helps companies in market entry and strategic execution.

NORTHLUX consulting services provides an impeccable combination of engineering solution background and business know-how to meet your greatest strategic and operational challenges.



NORTHLUX consulting services provides an impeccable combination of engineering solution background and business know-how to meet your greatest strategic and operational challenges. As a supplier in the Defence Industry, you are continually in an ever increasing competition while dealing with your customer’s increased supplier selection criteria, and the industry’s target of supply base rationalisation and cost reduction. Our expertise is to help you with your competitiveness, risk profile and publicity in your prime market area.


Corporate strategic and business planning We will help you outline the purpose of your organisation. It will include the goal of the organisation and how it plans to meet these goals. The plan is very important, as investors and stockholders will look at the plan to determine how likely it is to achieve success.

Marketing & Sales planning, strategy Our approach is to build an integrated strategy reflecting the stages of the customer's buying journey through the sales pipeline, taking into account the rates of conversion and time lag in decision making, and reflecting the contributions of both sales and marketing to generating revenues and gaining new customers.


We maintain our position as a local brand ambassador for your company. Your business success is our foremost objective. Our services include :

  • Services existing account, obtain orders and establish new account by planning and organising daily work schedule.
  • Customer relations
  • Providing products and solutions information
  • Submit proposal and project biding management
  • Adjust content of sales presentation, tailoring to your customer’s requirements.
  • Keeps corporate informed by submitting activity and result report of monthly and annually marketing events.
  • Monitor competition
  • Recommend changes in products services and policy by evaluating result and competitive development
  • Resolves customer’s complaint by investigating problems, developing solutions.
  • Making recommendation to corporate.


  • After sales services including warranty and maintenance period, spare parts - distribution, provide necessary information for customers inventory management
  • Maintain a qualified and effective customer service dealing with customer accounting issues, shipping problems and product issues.
  • Sales administration such as sales quotation and invoice.
  • Shipping management, working with customs, shipment and logistics.


Our clients comprise Thai and foreign companies of different sizes and structures and from different industries. Typically, our clients are :

  • Companies looking for marketing solution and local adaptation
  • Companies who are new entry to the local market
  • New entry companies with limited own resources and market insight
  • Broaden businesses in need of structural transformation in order to reinforce local and regional business expansion
  • Holders of different businesses that don’t have much time to investigate into complex issues of an individual company
  • Companies that soon to launch new products or services in the Thai market
  • Companies have the need of professional design and marketing services