Water Treatment is an area that has been gaining much traction, in a time characterized by a rapidly growing global population, expanding economy and deteriorating environment. In various countries, access to potable water remains limited to millions of individuals and families – a problem only worsened by fluctuating climate and weather patterns at both ends of the spectrum, giving rise to droughts and floods that have been progressively increasing in both frequency and severity. This problem is only expected to grow substantially, with the problem of climate change and water scarcity only expected to further deteriorate over time.

In recognition of this, TRUNZ Water Systems develops and manufactures leading-edge, fast-to-deploy solutions for water treatment and desalination, utilizing solar as well as wind energy to power and supply superior quality, certified and drinkable water, whether it be from fresh, brackish or salt water sources. TRUNZ’ systems are currently operational in over 35 countries in various climactic zones across the globe, testament to its superior quality and reliability.

As a proud Authorized Distributor of TRUNZ Water Systems we are committed to providing effective, value added water treatment solutions fit for a wide variety of uses, whether it be for disaster relief, military use, or to supply water to rural/agricultural areas that lack access to clean, drinkable water. Here at Northlux, we are more than capable of providing front-line support, as well as tailor the system to the requirements of each customer.

For more information, please visit http://www.trunzwatersystems.com or contact us at water@northlux.co.th


Incredibly light weight and suited for mobile application, the Survivor produces 180 litres of fresh water per hour from any fresh water source – all packaged into one single, portable solution.


TRUNZ’ water treatment systems are complete and ready to deploy within 30 minutes, utilizing solar energy in treating fresh, brackish or seawater.


TRUNZ’ water containers are incredibly energy efficient, capable of producing up to 60,000 litres of fresh drinking water each day, utilizing solar energy in treating fresh, brackish or seawater.


Installed in 30 minutes and capable of producing 1200 litres of clean water per hour, TRUNZ also offer mobile, transportable trailer solutions that can be adapted to fit all customer requirements

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